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Our goal is to provide for your child a wonderful, secure and Christian learning environment.  Each activity is age appropriate for that particular age group.

Babies and One’s:

  • Babies and One’s will emphasize socialization, gross motor skills, language development and God’s love and creation through a variety of hands on activities.  They will also be able to visit with special visitors that will come for themed events, including petting farms and train rides.


  • Two’s will emphasize socialization, language and vocabulary development, counting, shapes and colors, gross motor skills and God’s creations through a variety of hands on activities.  They will also be able to participate when special visitors visit our program.


  • Three’s will emphasize respect for others, listening and following directions, fine motor skills, alphabet and sounds using theAbeka curriculum, counting, name recognition and experiencing God’s creation through a variety of hands-on activities.


  • PreK will emphasize pre-reading and writing skills using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum,  number recognition and counting 1–100, number concepts 1–20, numbers before and after 1–20, numbers largest and smallest 1–20 and addition facts. The curriculum for this class meets the state standards for Pre Kindergarten. They will also learn about God’s creation through a variety of hands on activities.


  • Our Kindergarten homeschool program will cover mathematics, English language arts and reading, social studies, science, health education, physical education, art, and technology application according to state standards. Music and theatre standards will be met in Music and Chapel. The Kindergarteners will meet the expectations of these standards through written, hands-on, and technology based activities. The Handwriting Without Tears and Keyboarding Without Tears curriculums will be used in this class. 


  • The STEM program is available to students in our 3's, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes. This program encourages students to think and innovate with teacher direction in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The students will engage in hands-on experiments and activities to stimulate thought processes through both individual and team challenges. This Wednesday program will be held from 9:30- 12:30 with the first day on September 8th and the last day on May13th.


  • Each age group will experience music daily.  Chapel will be for the three year olds-kindergarten students.  Chapel includes hands on lessons and visuals.   This allows the children to participate and gain a better understanding of what is going on in the story.


Each month the Stars program will focus on a different shape, concept, memory verse and color.  We will have a specific day each month where we celebrate the color of the month in a pep rally! Click here to see our Curriculum at a glance.

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